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A bag customization system, so that every bag is the perfect bag. This bag is for you. This is a bag that you design. Instead of designing a specific bag, I set out to design a bag creation system. This system will allow users to create a wide variety of bag styles in a few easy steps. Users will be able to create starting from pre-designed templates, or start from scratch.

The bag uses a curved stitching to support its non-sagging architecture. It can also be outfitted with laptop sleeves, colorful materials, enclosures, and magnetic clasps. On top of this, the bag can be easily custom fit using just height information and a photo. Lastly, for ease of production, the bags are all laser-cut from a single piece of material. 

Jetpack 2.jpg


The bag system's architectural stability, material choices, and manufacturing feasibility were all tested through prototyping. This prototype bag was laboriously made by hand after a series of prototypes. The concept was originally tested several times using paper models. This was followed by several more prototypes, some including such materials as umbrella wiring, steel clothes hangers, and heavy duty pliable plastic. Also at this stage, various stitching methods and adhesives were also tested. In the end, the final prototype was created using thick felt with thin metal bar supports and was assembled using a sewing machine.

The final bag was completed with two zippers, a magnetic top closure, and an inner laptop sleeve. In line with the project goals, this was all done with just one continuous piece of fabric for ease in future production. This particular prototype is called “Jetpack.” [Fall 2013]